The precipitation of solid deposits like paraffin and asphaltenes during the production and transportation of conventional crude oils, heavy crude oils and NGL’s represent a significant operational and economic challenge.

It is well known that paraffins and asphaltenes precipitate from the bulk liquid phase as the hydrocarbon stream cools down or subjected to a pressure drop in the down hole tubulars, treating equipment and surface pipelines during production and transportation.

MAXXFLO was developed by RM Chemical to liquefy and remove asphaltene and paraffin deposits in and at the formation, down hole tubulars, surface flow lines, storage & treating equipment and transportation pipelines.

MAXXFLO works by neutralizing the bonding forces between the crude oil,  paraffin and asphaltene molecules. This permits dissolving and dispersing of asphaltenes & paraffin into the bulk oil phase while retaining them in suspension. MAXXFLO re-liquifies paraffin & asphaltene buildup on contact, increasing flow. This reduction aids in maximizing perforation cross sectional area, reducing under deposit corrosion, maximizing flow line capacity while eliminating sludge layer deposits on pipe walls and storage tank bottoms.

RM Chemical provides custom chemical solutions that treat and prevent paraffin and asphaltene problems when applied to:

•Downhole flow restrictions and plugging when introduced via capstring or pressure pumping equipment.
•Injecting into surface flow lines, tanks, treating equipment and transportation pipelines.
•High wax and asphaltene difficult to treat crude oil, heavy oil and condensate.
•Out of specification hydrocarbons and slop oil.
•Cold flow / restart.
•Cold weather pumping.
•Shale, conventional and unconventional oil in addition to gas lift applications.

MAXXFLO is perfectly suited for work over and stimulation treatments.